"Multi-talented artist best known for his musical prowess and visual artistry. Proving to be a standout rapper in the Tampa hip-hop scene, Deezy was born and raised in the bay and has already begun taking his city national. A combination of skate culture, traditional southern hip-hop and modern day cadences make up the musical side of Deezy. However, as a visual artist his style is memorable and completely new.

Traveling from state to state for various events, DeezyWeeTheReaper has been leaving his mark on the local scenes in every place he ventures to. Some of the most recent have been New york, California, Philly, and new orleans, But he doesnt plan to stop there. With music and art as a combination, there's no limit to what Deezy Wee The Reaper's innovative mind can create and the possibilities as far as direction go are endless."