Haute Tension

"Haute Tension. It means "High Voltage." With tensions running high all over the world, waves of the Atlantic lap on the beaches of Florida. There is a sound coming from Miami. A sound that has been shaped by a subtropical climate and political unrest. A sound that brings with it the unrelenting heat of the summer, but also a cool, calm, collectedness about it as we all watch the city go under.

Haute Tension is a band that believes in bringing back raw visceral energy into live music, all the while paying homage to their swampy tropical landscape of Florida. Their sophisticated sound resonates with a wide range of audiences who can expect to hear surf-y Dick Dale style guitar, and a dynamic influence of genres from garage to punk, classic rock, and blues.

Formed by multidisciplinary artists Alexandre Merbouti, and Monica McGivern, the band has solidified a Miami sound accented by the influence of Afro-Latin drums. Having shared the stage light with international touring acts such as Hinds, Kikagaku Moyo, Ty Segall, and Herbie Hancock, they are well versed in performing at festivals, galleries, and venues of all sizes.

​Their self-titled debut record was pressed in South Florida, independently released, and named "Best Local Album" by the Miami New Times."