Mountain Holler

Mountain Holler: Music as Ritual

by Ari Rosenschein

"Music as ritual—that’s what Mountain Holler creates. Much like the name, the voice of the project is both powerful and primeval. The moniker of St. Petersburg, Florida multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Mark Etherington, Mountain Holler pairs intricate acoustics with haunting, other-worldly vocals. It’s a layered mélange, one that evokes deep emotions and transcendent daydreams.

Weaned on Ravi Shankar and acoustic Zeppelin, Etherington also integrates contemporary influences like Devendra Banhart and Fleet Foxes into his sound. Now rooted in the cooler climes of Seattle, Washington Mountain Holler continues to evolve. The Stranger writes that Etherington “murmurs, moans, belts, and croons ethereal yet powerfully-charged melodies that sound as if they were hewn from some rocky outcropping before their journey to the heavens.”

Indeed, Mountain Holler’s songs are reflections on nature’s beauty and truth as well as the pursuit of spiritual awareness. Resolutely DIY, Etherington continually brings his mystical melodies to venues and festivals across the United States. Mountain Holler’s trance-inducing performances never fail to take audiences on an inward journey."