Zeta the Babe

"Zhari “Zeta the Babe” Hollingsworth, recently back from Houston, TX is a talent rarely seen in the modern soul and R&B genre with a timeless, soulful vocal tone, high level lyrical depth, and a love for the saxophone. With a lower-pitched and more powerful tone reminiscent of Nina Simone and a stage presence that is both confident and vulnerable, Zeta the Babe has found herself on stages all over the country alongside artists of almost every genre. Adaptable to any setting, Zeta has the ability to make a room stand still, with extended and bending notes that baffle vocalists and amaze those unfamiliar with the technicality of her composition. Zeta has been, and continues to be, very active on the live music scene. Notable performance locations include Austin and Houston, TX, Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL, Tulsa, OK, New York, NY, Los Angeles, California, and Bloomfield, NJ. With a sound this classic, it’s only a matter of time before Zeta the Babe is at the forefront of the next R&B and soul reemergence."