"In the year 3033, a citizen whose identifier will be 489XY (names as we know them today are phased out by the year 2300) loses all of his loved ones in the Fourth Water War of 3033, and spends the next 44 years developing the technology to travel backwards through time, in order to change the future and spare his family and friends from their horrific ending. 

In 3077, he somewhat-unexpectedly succeeds, and is transported back to the year 2022. With his mission intact, 489XY grapples with the feeling that he did not travel far enough back in time in order to save his now-abandoned future. Not being one to back down from a challenge, 489XY decides that the best way to help the people of 2022 and beyond save the people of 3033 and beyond is to become a professional rapper. Using the glory and power of futuristic rap music, 489XY is on a righteous mission to prevent the world from becoming the hellscape that he escaped from- through the magic of entertainment."