"In a music world thriving on the revival of vintage sound, Tampa-based band MAK is bringing the heat. With the use of old amps, fender guitars, and tons of effects pedals; the trio crafts a sound that's simultaneously classic and unique to the indie scene. It's in frontman lan's vibrato, in the resonance of Aidan's bass, and the pounding of Drake's drum beating along with your heart. Bringing something electric to every performance, the band hones in on indulging the rowdy. MAK is amongst those kickstarting the renaissance of the boyish, their current discography personifying how it feels to let loose. Their self-described "hydrophonic" wet sound is found in their most recent EP "in the Dark," produced by COIN bassist and Wanderwild frontman Matt Martin. Fast-paced and boisterous, the extended play reflects the concentrated yet colorful structure the three continue to master."