Healing Fyah



"Healing Fyah Dey is the son of the legendary Aston Milton Henry, AKA King Medius, one of the flag bearers of roots reggae music. Fyah  is a multi-talented and accomplished individual of Jamaican descent who was raised between Mt. Vernon, NY, & Jamaica. Born with a passion for technology and music, he has successfully merged his interests into a unique and fulfilling career.

As a tech entrepreneur, Healing Fyah is known for his innovative thinking and ability to develop solutions that meet the needs of modern consumers. He co-founded Fore The Kulture, a tech ministry that advocates for funding/resources for "black" and indigenous creatives. The ministry has become a leader in its field, and Healing Fyah is widely regarded as one of his community's most creative and visionary leaders.

Healing Fyah is a gifted musician with a deep appreciation for reggae, house, and other genres. He has developed his music production skills and has performed in various venues nationwide. His love for music and ability to create unique and meaningful compositions has earned him a dedicated following and accolades from fans and fellow musicians.

Committed to giving back to his community, he mentors young people interested in technology and music and supports various charities and non-profit organizations. 

Healing Fyah is a rare and talented individual who has balanced his love for technology and music into a successful and fulfilling career. He is well on his way to becoming a prominent figure in the tech and music industries and is a true example of what can be achieved with hard work, passion, and dedication."