Highway Advisory Radio




Five beings within the hell of the Sunshine State have come together to bring to you new noise over the airwaves of our now-claimed Highway Advisory Radio.

In this ongoing battle with the government, we fight for the ability to advise listeners to go deep into the heaviness and uncertainty that driving on these perilous roads can bring. Embrace the dangers and adventures ahead. The Man tried to stop us by switching frequency bands across the nation, but they failed. In an effort to send a message, we have taken their brand and created it under our own image as all the Abrahamic Gods did when creating man.

This is a manifesto. These are our demands to The Man.

1. Let us be free to express noise in various genres.

2. Let our listeners be cleansed with proper advice via the transmission of noise.

3. The taxpayer dollars of the American government must be used to support our cult, for this is a public duty.

4. Beer, drugs, and a constant supply of food and water.

Our journey began when two dwellers of the Sunshine State Gordon Sloan and Joe Emminger created the first revelations in a school parking garage. This garage is now considered holy land as the Sonic Temple. The music was forged from a civilian transportation structure, our first signs of revelation that the hidden sounds must be revealed from within the gravel and tar that make up our roads.

Later on, three more followers joined: Josh Paul, Laith Abdel, and Andy Kempt. While Gordon and Joe had the tribal drum and guitar sounds humming, Andy had come to lay down the thickness with Joshua sugaring the sound with melodies from an entirely different sonic age unbeknownst to human ears. Laith heard the messages from within their sonic revelations and did the best he could to translate them into the English language. However, he is currently attempting to learn all 7,100 languages in existence so the message can be properly understood by any individual on this planet.

We were saddened to see Joe Emminger leave our movement for more noble endeavors, but he had passed on the torch to the only successor who has expert-level experience in both wizardry and games of chance: John Ostberg. With John in our movement, we now adopt the “no risk it, no biscuit” mentality of making sure we attain the highest benefit at a possible risk of prison time, or even death.

For years WE have crafted the message, attempting to preach it to the bars and fests from around the Sunshine Hell of a state. Until finally the revelations were codified into the upcoming record, "Heavy Traffic". It is now the attempt of the Highway Advisory Radio to broadcast this message to all beings in need of sonic enlightenment. By the end of listening to the record, one will be able to see the world clearly as it is and finally resolve all internal struggles and problems that come with the loss of identity and spirit that exists within this Modern Age.

So, meet our demands government! For you cannot govern the nature of sound, nor the nature of man alone. But you can get us high and play music and eat for free so….let us take over from here.