Witch Hiatus


"Witch Hiatus is a rock band based out of Tampa, FL. What began as a solo project brewing in vocalist Ryan Ferace’s spare bedroom quickly grew into something more as friends Dan Arteaga (guitar), Paul Colin (bass), and Zack Chase (drums) toiled and troubled to find a new sound. The group cites a range of music genres as their inspiration, from early proto-punk and garage rock like The Stooges and The Kingsmen, to classic rock like The Kinks and The Doors, all the way to The Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s rock revival sound from the 2000’s.

The band also owes part of their style to the DIY scene they play in—they made their own venue when they couldn’t get any gigs, painted their own shirts when they couldn’t afford merch—and the witches have come to love the grit woven into their music from hours of self-recording and late-night producing."