Illuminate Me



"lluminate Me have had quite the interesting story for a band in their genre. Delivering the kind of chaotic metalcore that bands like The Chariot brought to the table in their heyday, Illuminate Me emerged almost a decade ago with their EP “Crawlspace” in 2013. They'd go on to be picked up by Tragic Hero Records, releasing a full-length album and touring across the USA multiple times before calling it a day, mostly due to lack of support from their label.

Reforming in 2022 with new members alongside vocalist Christopher Murray, the band pulled together a 4-song EP, “Dying On A Hill That Nobody Remembers”, which is out now. Featuring guest spots from Oshie Bichar of Beartooth and Aaron Heard of Jesus Piece, the EP is a mature follow-up that mostly continues where the band's previous material left off. 

An EP that mostly revels in its chaos, the EP has already racked up 80k+ Spotify streams in its first week of release, and the track "God's Made Of Guns" has even landed a spot on Spotify's official "All New Metal" curated playlist. Undoubtedly, the extra attention fuels the current incarnation of the band, who have already played a few shows since their reformation. The main thing, though, is that Illuminate Me are back to, well, “illuminate” a local and regional scene that could use their energy once again. And perhaps this time, they're trending to reach many more new fans than their first go-round did."