Slap Of Reality


"Coming out of Tampa, Florida , Slap of Reality came together in 1987. Between 1988 - 1996 they released a demo, four 7" records, two full length LP’s, and toured in the US and internationally. Their sound ranged from California HC and Northeast HC in the beginning but gradually grew into the melodic punk sound we know today. Think along the lines of Dag Nasty, Samiam, Seaweed, 7 Seconds and you will know the sound. Slap of Reality's second EP "Time Alone" was released on Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds)

label Pazzafist Records in 1990, which helped springboard their signing to Cargo/Headhunter Records to release their first LP “3 Lefts Make A Right”. Later, Elektra Records came calling, and the band signed a major label deal via a partnership with the Minneapolis based Skene! Records (Green Day, Jawbreaker, Shades Apart etc.) This LP titled “Monkeydust” never saw the light of day in the US and was only released on the European (Italy) imprint Runt Records, due to a collapse of the Elektra/Skene partnership.

The band is wrapping up a new full length LP, scheduled for an early 2023 release, so stay tuned!"