Infinite Third


"Since 2009, Billy Mays III (yes, the son of the legendary pitchman) has been conjuring endless layers of ethereal guitar, primal beats, pulsing drones, and electronic noise which all fervently build to form walls of auditory emotion. Rooted in visceral spontaneity, as though calling forth ancient energies and abstracting them personally for each listener, Infinite Third's live set is a deeply-realized vision of sonic and spiritual exploration; an experience that's equal parts transcendent and intimate. His unwavering commitment to improvisation has been the foundation for a unique sound which continues to evolve with each new appearance, whether that's a thunderous live performance, a long-form public ambient installation, or another collection of studio recordings to add to a prolific discography. Intense yet gentle, focused yet wandering, dreamlike yet grounded in reality, the world of Infinite Third is a mind-altering place that's never the same twice but somehow always feels familiar."