Timothy Eerie


It’s no accident that the name Timothy Eerie is so close to Timothy Leary, this is the aural equivalent of two tabs and a trip down the rabbit hole. Where the ethereal meets the visceral is where you will find Timothy Eerie, with dreamy, hazy melodies accompanied by thick tones and rock’n’roll noise this band is the epitome of multi-faceted sound. Like many of the bands stemming from the psychedelic genre, there has been a revolving door of players and artists contributing to the project which only lends to their mystique. Backed by  Hypnotic Bridge & Nomad Eel Records they’ve shared the stage with such greats as La Luz, Dead Meadow, L.A. Witch, Kikagaku Moyo, Slift, Of Montreal, Acid Mothers Temple, and Holy Wave.

Orlando Weekly noted, “They’re astonishingly realized for a young group… When [a fresh band] emerges from practically nowhere with this kind of skill, size and aesthetic, it’s a sign of something potentially very special.”