Big Baby Scumbag’s cult-like fan base began buzzing the moment he stepped onto the Rolling Loud stage in 2016. Shortly after, he would be seen with Lil Yachty on both “The Boat Show Tour” and “Teenage Tour,” in the following years. Once he performed at SXSW’s Lyrical Lemonade show in 2018, diehard fans knew it was only a matter of time until the Tampa native’s audience grew tenfold. Soon enough, that time came. Big Baby Scumbag soared into the limelight with velocity following his breakout single, “Dale Earnhardt.” So much so that legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr even co-signed the song himself: “NASCAR & Hip Hop. I like it when they cross paths.” This accolade only served as a stepping stone for the Tampa rapper, who has since solidified his status as a bridge builder between music, pop culture, and the vast macrocosm of internet memes. His songs have no shortage of admirably bizarre references, ranging from George of the Jungle, to Dragon Ball Z, all the way to Joe Exotic. This knack for far-out allusions has attracted fans from all walks of life. Big Baby Scumbag’s music has been featured in a multitude of skate videos including one for Thrasher Magazine. At Rolling Loud 2019, one of Hip Hop’s most renowned interviewers, Nardwuar, told Big Baby Scumbag that he had “the best name ever". With the nature of today’s viral internet culture, anomalous and authentic artists are often the ones who stand the test of time. They’re one in a million. That’s Big Baby Scumbag.