Peace Cult


"Peace Cult is an alt pop / punk rock group that combines elements of grunge, indie, and an old school, garage-rock style and sound to their music. Based out of Tampa, Florida, this 4-piece consists of front-woman Emma Treneff, guitarist Colten Catrett, drummer Marina Moyer, and bassist Bobbi McElroy. Collectively, Peace Cult's members value the true push and pull of emotion and the creation of a fun and welcoming environment with their live performances. This is evident not only on stage, but in their studio recordings as well. 

Inspirations for their music range from modern day pop-rock like Paramore and Soccer Mommy to classics like Green Day, Jimi Hendrix and Bikini Kill - pooling only the best of the raw musical elements of punk's past to create their unique present day representation of the timeless culture."